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Royal Hotel Hong Kong (Le Parker International Hotel Sanya), Le Richmond International Hotel est situé dans le district de henxi, dans le district de Sanya Riverside, à proximité de la gare routière de Sanya, le parc écologique urbain et la place de Mingzhu, la rue piétonne de Sanya, et ainsi de suite.BR br br br hôtels de la vie, des loisirs, du commerce et des vacances.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.BR br br br l 'hôtel est équipé d' un restaurant occidental élégant, de superbes sushis de la forêt, etc.
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  • xg_xia
    Hotel good buffet
  • Candorma
    Gave us the best price hotels upgrade room clean staff very close to see we have fruit and took a fruit knife to have a fridge in our room the kitchen cooker lockbox balcony drying of clothes is the convenience of our holiday travel also facilitates you to Sanya next best buy software Super much cheaper to eat seafood valued at Super good
  • ACC012
    That will be fine!
  • g41541398
    Each preferred Li to Sanya, environment, facilities as a whole is good, breakfast is rich. ...
  • jplee2000
    Super high cost performance, high cost performance, high cost performance, says important things three times
  • ender
    Hotel service is good, employees attitude are is kind, also help we boil water, left fruit knife. hotel of environment also good, special like room of bathroom is toilet and shower is separated of, not because bath make of everywhere are is water. location also is convenient, walk to eat seafood of place soon, to street and supermarket also is convenient, walk are can, to cable sea drive a few minutes Bell of distance. Unfortunately each said photo are forget has,, I wants to up of when room has was messingHas, photos is station in balcony took of. was only set has II days, later and added has II days, live has Seaview room and Park King room, really of are very rod. were it not for later to to Yalong Bay, really of will has been live here. live Yalong Bay although than here your 1 time times, but hotel facilities really of also than Li guest, family are said yihou to Sanya on live Li guest has.
  • Dannel_Sun
    Very good, easy to eat.
    Clean, room was a bit old, but good pattern, waiters are enthusiastic
  • andy2003
    Good hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • cindysen817
    Hotel very clean! very comfortable! also comes with a swimming pool, worth recommending! next time!
  • E03456622
    Hotel room was very good, room very nice, balcony you can see the ocean. when it rains
  • Matilda
    Very comfortable ~ very easy ~
  • d00838189
    Which is very nice
  • apirlfool
    Likes except for swimming pool is a bit small, location very good, dinner is very convenient, the rooms are very clean, very high travel times will choose.
  • betty0537
    25 floor room too small has 11 points to in front desk waiting for to has 11.30 handle procedures said to, will has customer check out back good has on called we let we sat about then sat with, has a hours also didn't called 12.30 active asked only said has Pack good has. into room room is small bathroom big aisle are not can double people walking sat in bed tail found quilt sheets are is wet of. really not know what what situation. called people to for said only sheets Not a quilt. okay, so can't., before he could change back apart from the bed flat directly out eight other no change worse. really didn't make me feel cozy. General feel of the hotel, breakfast was good
  • boyfan
    Old hotel, but from the airport and the city centre are near!, featured
  • e00673446
    Hotel is great, the service is also very good, mainly for urban areas, traffic is very convenient, close to eating, and a lot, very close to the first market, taxi for 8 bucks wanghao supermarkets within walking distance of the past!, breakfast is good, eating enough! anyway in downtown Nice, highly recommended!
  • genxj
    Overall pretty good!
  • lodada
    Housing is clean, sunny, breakfast variety and price Super value
  • c1229
    The location of the hotel was good, for the housekeeping staff was very satisfactory, but had to call the hotel times, only once satisfied, others are very general, hopes to improve! there are facilities also is a bit old, breakfast is possible!
  • e00067115
    Noisy surrounding environment
  • baby88
    Good breakfast good location nice and very warm, is the bed is not comfortable, large bed there's a lattices
  • summerinbowl
    Reasonable price, good service and facilities
  • acb1234567
    Worth recommending! high performance-price ratio
  • TravelBox
    Generally less
  • fansgu
    Because in urban so as first late of foothold, really of didn't selected wrong, service attitude super good, returned to free upgrade to luxury views sea room. second days to Yalong Bay late in there live has a late, third late without hesitation of returned to has here and continuous live has three late. rooms of service is intimate, also help I burn good water, rain help I received clothes. next to also live here.
  • freebird
    Very good, came to live here
  • peier13140
    Nice hotel good bar downstairs is also good very good first market was not very far away but really think that markets can't stand to eat more
  • fatpigby
    Hotel location is good, door has bus a station Spring Park 4 station first market. walk 10 a few minutes Bell to beach, passing Mong Kok Howe supermarket. is big of. seafood many also cheap. has several f is big not well-known of fish. to liberation Road Street also convenient. Street opposite of snacks town things more. not next of snacks Street. insufficient. pool water shallow. not for wants to swimming of people. due to 5 points aircraft and front desk proposed can Royale Shi. agreed to 2 points. thanks. such price of hotelWorth recommending.
  • VV1980
    Hotel location is very good, traffic is very convenient, which belongs to the best five-star hotels in the city. praise
  • puudding
    Away from the city, the pedestrian street, very close, convenient shopping, very close to the beach, take less than 10 minutes away; scheduled in 21 floors, beautiful seaside scenery can be seen; in general feel good!
  • cmagic
    Hotel location good, near Spring Park market and first market, wants to eat seafood is convenient. Hotel overall environment good, set of Seaview room, can see sea, balcony Shang also has Chair compared comfortable! also set has can telescopic of airing clothing rope compared good, is rope cannot stretched straight, led to clothes always sliding to with. Hotel self breakfast varieties personal feel General, may is I like of less has points? next holiday also is will consider select here, price high
  • e01380851
    High cost performance, and free upgrade. also be staying here next time.
  • bbmm9925
    Quite generally, and great location. room is really not up to much, does not meet five-star standards, and certainly less expensive.
  • AaronMa
    Room photos by see that proceeds, to has free rose a level, Li merchants works room, because no containing breakfast, so not know breakfast how, room landscape good, refrigerator in of beverage free, health feel poor has points, towel somewhat Black Black of, bed is big, enough four a people sleep's, if is sisters are save points can only set a room's, strongly recommended not distance Liu hand downstairs thought Shu Xuan of Sichuan good, just this days three annual shop celebrates, full 100 sent 100, is deal, thatA chubby waitress were very friendly
  • e01114890
  • nelsonxusy
    It's not bad
  • Cantonfall
    Hotels, restaurants, breakfast is too small, breakfast nothing to eat
  • maggienina
    Very well liked hotels
  • samyang727
    Also is Seaview room has two species room type, I need with kitchen of, but day no check out only into Park King room also not back post, kitchen is crude, no wok, and seasoning material, dishes are is one-time of. no washing machine, hotel of water feel put out not clean yellow, so no bath! morning restaurant people many, layout crowded, tableware also too late received
  • dongeastony
    Second, it can feel.
  • lmlsyxy
    Prices can be, downtown is convenient
  • successbelief
    View of the sea ... ... Results into business, and on the 6 floor ... ... Because they sleep very light, decisive for high floor, front desk service good, someone directly to a new room. traffic is good, direct bus to the market back. to walk directly to the Spring Garden seafood Plaza. next time you visit be sure to experience the view of the sea. Ps; down a charger in a hotel, afternoon phone calls reminding me and promised to send me back, it's fine, but IHaven't received ... ... Do a little anticlimactic. can warn well, but promised not to carry out this is a little ... ... Hope the hotel can pay attention to it.
  • apoluo123
    Very good, thanks to the hotel's services, all in all very good, worth it.
  • bj_jyt
    Good hotel, facilities were good, relying on walking Street, take a taxi to the first as long as the starting price of the market-
  • crisrongrong
    Live comfortably, the surrounding is also very convenient, give praise
    This hotel is really good, very satisfied, where convenient.
  • Tina day
    Goods and facilities, clean, waiter service, hand-written message! main like the bathtub, in short, like this hotel
  • aidid
    value for money. good location. noisy and poor breakfast.
  • erica_j
    Price super high of a hotel, price very civilians, but room is very rod of, has balcony, also has good big of bed, bathroom also is big. hotel of open pool in three roof Shang, very rod. only insufficient of is Hotel appearance somewhat old, but not effect inside, also has location away from Beach somewhat far, but eat very convenient, around is seafood processing market.